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Annual Calendar

The Piemontese know how to celebrate, how to dress up and how to party! This calendar gives details of events with 'visitor appeal' that take place every year - and most of them within 15 minutes.

Some dates are subject to change, especially when there are 5 Saturdays or Sundays in a month!! Events can also be advertised and then cancelled. Check with us first if there is a specific event that interests you.

A 'Sagre' is a food festival, celebrating the signature dishes of local towns, or a particular vegetable that is in season.

Monthly Events

Every Sunday there is an antiques market in the area. The market at nearby Nizza Monferrato (one of the best in the region) is the 3rd Sunday of every month and the others are all fairly nearby and are at Alessandria on the 1st Sunday; Casale Monferrato on the 2nd Sunday and Asti on the 4th Sunday. There are also occasional special markets at Ovada and Cherasco - see below for more details.

There is a fresh produce market every day of the week. Again, the nearest is at Nizza Monferrato and is on Friday. The Roman spa town of Acqui Terme, 20 minutes away, has a market every Tuesday and Friday.

January and February

The hotel is closed in January and February


1st Sunday - Antiques Market - Moncalvo

1st Sunday - Childrens Carnival - Castel Boglione

2nd Sunday - Sagre and local market - Monastero Bormida

2nd Sunday - Carnevale and Ladies' Day Festival - Asti

2nd Saturday and Sunday - Sagre - Mombaruzzo

3rd Sunday - Sagre - Rocchetta Palafea

3rd Sunday - Spring Festival - Asti

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Nizza Monferrato

4th Sunday - Market - Incisa Scapaccino

4th Sunday - Antiques Market - Asti


1st Sunday - Amateur Cycle race (departing Museum of Champions) - Novi Ligure

2nd Saturday - Acqui Games Fair - Acqui Terme

2nd Sunday - Garden and Plants market - Costigliole d'Asti

2nd weekend - Sagre - Bubbio

Easter Monday - Sagre - Mombaruzzo

Easter Monday - Antiques Market - Ovada

Easter Monday - Spring Festival - Vinchio

Easter Monday - Easter Festival - Settime

3rd Sunday - Sagre - Castiglione d'Asti

3rd Sunday - Flower Festival - Isola d'Asti

3rd Sunday - Giro of the 5 Towers - Monastero Bormida

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Nizza Monferrato

4th Saturday/Sunday - Festa di Santo Christo - Nizza Monferrato

4th Saturday and Sunday - Days of Barbera - Agliano Terme

4th Saturday - Visit to the underground cathedrals (wine cellars) with tastings - Canelli

4th Sunday - Liberation Day - Ovada

4th Sunday - Asparagus Sagre - Fubine

4th Sunday - Spring Herb Fritters Sagre and Canoe Excursions - Masio


1st Saturday - Salute to the Palio - Asti

1st Saturday - Antiques Car Rally - Costigliole d'Asti

1st Saturday/Sunday - Barbera Wine Tasting - Castagnole delle Lanze

1st Saturday - Re-enactment of the battle against the Saracens - Vinchio

1st Sunday - Sagre of Asparagus - Vinchio

1st Sunday - Geranium Festival - Monale

1st Sunday - May Music at the castle - Belveglio

2nd Saturday/Sunday - Ruche Wine Tasting - Castagnole Monferrato

2nd Saturday/Sunday - Barbera Festival - Nizza Monferrato

2nd Saturday - Festa of San Vittore - Montabone 2nd Sunday - Sagre di Pollenta - Cassinasco

3rd Saturday/Sunday - Vinissage wine event - Asti

3rd Saturday/Sunday - Barbera Festival - Montegrosso d'Asti

3rd Saturday and Sunday - Spring Festival - Villanova d'Asti

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Nizza Monferrato

4th Saturday - Monferrato in Tavola - Wine and Food - Nizza Monferrato

Last Saturday - Mediaeval Festival - Montabone

Last Sunday - Day of the Artichoke - Mombercelli

Last Sunday - Corsa delle Botti - Barrel Racing - Nizza Monferrato

Last Sunday - Cantine in Festa - 'Cellars in Festival' - Rocchetta Tanaro

Last Sunday - Spring Festival - San Marzanotto

Last Sunday - Mediaeval Palio - Vigliano d'Asti

Last weekend of the month - Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars) - everywhere


1st Saturday/Sunday - Food Festival - Asti

1st Saturday - Roccaverano - Sagre

2nd Saturday - Sagre of Fish - Castagnole Monferrato

2nd Saturday/Sunday - Antique Cars and Barbera - Castelnuovo Belbo

3rd Saturday/Sunday - Siege of Canelli

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Nizza Monferrato

4th Saturday/Sunday - Summer Festival - Calosso

4th Saturday - Robiola Cheese Festival - Vesime

4th Sunday - Festival of San Pietro - Castagnole delle Lanze

4th Sunday - Castelli Aperti - 'Open Castles' - Various

4th Sunday - The Festa for Robiola Cheese - Roccaverano

4th Sunday - Antique Car Rally - Asti


1st Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Festival and Race of the Asses - Quarto d'Asti

2nd Saturday - Incisa 1514 historical re-enactment - Incisa Scapaccino

3rd Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Summer Festival - Various

3rd Saturday and Sunday - Sagre - Mombaruzzo

3rd Saturday - Enogastronomic market - Bubbio

3rd Sunday - Car Rally - Bubbio

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Nizza Monferrato 

4th Saturday - Summer Festival - Montegrosso d'Asti 

4th Saturday - Summer Festival - Cortiglione 

4th Saturday - Summer Festival - Canelli 

Last Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Summer Festival - Montabone

Last Saturday - Saint's Festival - Castelnuovo Calcea

Last Saturday - Saint's Festival - Belveglio 


1st Saturday/Sunday/Monday - Festivals and Sagre - Various

2nd Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday - Summer Festivals - Various

13th - Patron Saint Festival - Castel Boglione (for 5 days)

13th - Festival of the Madonna - Rocchetta Tanaro (for 4 days)

Weekend next to the 15th - Festivals - Various for Ferragosto

Saturday next to the 15th - Procession with the Madonna - Bubbio

Saturday next to the 15th - Dinner under the Stars - Roccaverano

Sunday next to the 15th - Super Barbera - Castel Boglione

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Nizza Monferrato

Friday/Saturday/Sunday - 21st, 22nd and 23rd - Summer Festivals - Various

Last Thursday - Patron's Festival - Bazzana (for 5 days)

Last Friday - Rochetta in Festival - Rochetta Palafea (for 5 days)

Last Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Summer Festivals - Various

Last Saturday - Festival of Wine - Vinchio and Vaglio

Last Sunday - Childrens Festival - Bubbio

Last Monday - Festival of the Hazelnut - Castagnole delle Lanze


1st Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Wine and Sagre Festivals - Various

1st Saturday - Antique Car Exhibition - Nizza Monferrato

1st Sunday - Festival of the Goat (lots of cheese) - Roccaverano

2nd Friday - Douja' d'Or - Wine tasting and Award Ceremonies - Asti (for 9 days)

2nd Saturday/Sunday - The Grand Sagre - Asti

Thursday 17th - Exhibition of the Flag Bearers (before the Palio) and Palio Market - Asti

3rd Friday/Saturday/Sunday - Slow Cheese - Bra

3rd Saturday - Medieval Fair - Cocconato

3rd Sunday - The Asti Palio

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Nizza Monferrato

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Cherasco

4th Saturday/Sunday - Citta del Vino - Canelli

4th Saturday/Sunday - Sagre - Various


1st Saturday - Start of the Alba Truffle Fair (until 8th November)

1st Saturday/Sunday - Gastronomic Weekend - Grana

2nd Saturday/Sunday - Barberesco Wine Fair - Neive

1st Sunday - Palio degli Asini (Palio of the Asses) - Alba

1st Sunday - Truffle Fair - Montiglio Monferrato

1st Sunday - Harvest Festival - Cortiglione

1st Sunday - Festival for the end of Harvest - Fontanile

2nd Saturday/Sunday - Barberesco Wine Fair - Barbaresco

2nd Saturday - Truffle Fair - Castagnole Monferrato

2nd Sunday - Truffle Fair - Montiglio Monferrato (again)

2nd Sunday - Truffle Fair - Bergamasco

3rd Saturday/Sunday - Fiera del Rapula - Calosso

3rd Sunday - Sagre - Castelnuovo Belbo

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market- Nizza Monferrato

3rd Sunday - Truffle Fair - Mombercelli

4th Saturday - Sagre of Bagna Cauda - Asti

Last Saturday - Halloween - Castelnuovo Calcea, Loazzolo and Vaglio Sera

Last Sunday - Festival for the end of the Vendemmia - Castel Boglione

Last Sunday - Chestnuts and canastrelli - Castelnuovo Calcea

Last Sunday - Truffle Fair - Incisa Scapaccino


1st Sunday- Truffle Fair and Festival - Nizza Monferrato

2nd Sunday- End of the Alba Truffle Fair - Alba

2nd Sunday - Truffle Fair - Canelli

2nd Sunday - Gastronomic Fair - Asti

3rd Saturday/Sunday - Truffle Fair - Asti

3rd Saturday/Sunday - Festival - Isola d'Asti

3rd Sunday - Truffle Fair - Mombaruzzo

3rd Sunday - Sagre - Vaglio Serra

3rd Sunday - Antiques Market - Nizza Monferrato

4th Sunday - Bagna Cauda - Calosso

4th Sunday - Truffle Fair - Montegrosso d'Asti and Castelnuovo Don Bosco


The hotel is closed in December

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