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Piedmont is the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement and is renowned throughout the world for the quality of its food, the huge range of cheeses and hams, the flavours of its chocolate and coffee and, above all, its wines and famous white truffle.


Within this area is the highest concentration of gourmet chefs in Italy and some of the most renowned restaurants. Whether you choose a simple pizza or the multi-course 'degustation' menu, it will be uniquely Italian. The same name and the same ingredients as at home - but far superior. Let us help you to pick the perfect restaurant - there are so many to choose from!


Piedmont is one of the classic wine regions of Italy, and indeed Europe. Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Gavi and even the ubiquitous Asti Spumanti - from the king of wines to the party 'bubbles'. So important that we have dedicated a complete section to the wines of the area.


The home of Gorgonzola and Robiola and of hundreds of other local artisan produced specialities. We regularly arrange visits to one of the best local artisan cheesemakers, where you can taste (and buy) a wide range of specialist cheeses.

White Truffles

White truffles are one of the great delicacies which can light up an individual meal and, at the same time, spread their perfume throughout a room. See our truffles page for many more details.


Food and produce markets are a way of life in Italy. Every day of the week, one of the towns in the local area hosts the market - brimming with fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, hams, fresh fish and more. Shopping every day for the freshest ingredients is completely normal and the cuisine is driven by the specialities of each season. Click here for details of the local markets.


Piedmont has long been renowned as one of the most famous chocolate making centres, with such names as Ferrero Rocher and Nutella along with many lesser known, but amazingly good artisans 

Amaretti Biscuits

One of Mombaruzzo's main claims to fame are the Amaretti biscuits, Not hard and crunchy as usually served in restaurants, but soft, succulent and full of almond and peach flavours. The very first amaretto biscuit was made just down the road and the tradition continues today with the same recipe but (not always) slightly modernised equipment. 

Cooking Courses

Please click here for full details of our Cooking Courses.

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