The White Truffle

The white truffle is native to Piemonte. In the months of October and November, it can be found on every menu, allowing you to taste one of the top global ingredients in any of the local restaurants. From fresh tagliatelle to a simple fried egg – white truffle is the perfect accompaniment. At La Villa, we offer guests the opportunity to hunt their own truffles with our local hunter and his dog.

White Truffle Fair

La Villa is located near the best truffle fair in the world, the Alba White Truffle Fair. From the opening of the fair in mid-October until it closes it’s doors in late November, the world of Piemonte goes truffle crazy for the one of most expensive ingredients on earth.

Truffle Hunting at La Villa

Spending a morning or an afternoon with a truffle hunter and his dog is a real treat. At La Villa, we work exclusively with a local hunter and his dog, Bill, at his private reserve only a few minutes away from the hotel.

Autumn white truffle hunts are extremely popular, so please book with us well in advance. Please also note they are subject to the weather conditions.