Time to treat yourself

Wellness is one of the great pleasures of a holiday and finally having the time to treat yourself and do the things you always promise yourself you’ll do but never have time to get around to. At La Villa, we offer something for both hedonists and fitness fans alike.


On-site massages are a fast route to winding down and achieving mindfulness. We offer a range of different types from sports to aromatherapy and have a pool of well-trained masseuses available on request, based on the type of massage you prefer. All the wellness products, including the massage oils used at La Villa are specially formulated by a local skincare company from the best natural ingredients.


Being able to stop and do nothing is in itself an achievement these days. We have created our Zen garden just for that reason. Surrounded on all sides by vineyards and nature, it’s a very quiet, tranquil space to practice yoga and mindfulness. Grab a mat and go enjoy! If you prefer, we also have a highly trained yoga teacher, available on request. No mobiles allowed!


We have a number of tried and tested jogging routes based upon the length of time and difficulty level you want to work at.

The surrounding area is stunning and hilly, making it excellent for hiking, trekking, walking and cycling, and we have some excellent routes mapped out.

Our Products

We have teamed up with a leading natural skincare producer to create a range of luxurious bath products specially for us. In the rooms you will find La Villa’s own shampoo, body wash, conditioner and moisturiser. We also offer natural sun screen and bug spray for those who want to enjoy the outdoors but stay protected, naturally.

Spa coming

La Villa is proud to be opening a boutique spa in Spring 2022. Please contact us for further information.