Our Wines

La Villa’s wine cellar is exclusively Piemontese. We love the wines of this area and have made it our mission to showcase the local producers as well as the local grape varietals. For those who would like to taste and learn more about the local wines, please contact the hotel to arrange your own personalised wine tasting.

Barolo and Beyond

We concentrate on the best regarded wines – for the reds this means Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera and for the whites, Gavi, Arneis and Moscato. However, we also believe in supporting some lesser known varietals, so there will hopefully be a few surprises for even the most seasonal lovers of the region.

Our Wine List

Every wine on our list has to earn its place, which involves visiting the wineries, meeting the producers and tasting the wines. Consequently, our list is ever-changing and contains some hidden gems, alongside the big names of Piemonte.