Relax and Unwind

The Hotel Facilities at La Villa create a place to relax and take time for yourself. There are many quiet indoor and garden spaces to read a book, practice yoga or just be. We offer a small spa for some one-on-one pampering and a small library for those who run out of reading material a little too early in the holiday. If you prefer we have a fully-qualified yoga and pilates teacher available on request.

On-site Facilities

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, in different locations around the property. For venturing out and about there are bikes available, plus tennis racquets for use at the local courts. We also partner with an e-bike company so you can travel around the hills more easily and we offer a boutique spa so you can ease your aches and pains after a hard day’s biking.

Local knowledge

For those who love to plan their days, you will find lots of guide books and books on local wines and food alongside a few good reads to keep the eyes open by the pool. Or let us plan your days for you -we are very used to organising wine, grappa and food tastings, as well as the more typical holiday activities, such as golf, tennis, horse riding, hiking, and biking.

Wine tastings and Cookery classes

Food and wine is a fundamental part of what Piemonte is all about, so not surprising we offer both tailored wine tastings and cookery classes on-site.