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Our chef, Ian Simpson, believes in using the best produce that Italy has to offer. Every day he will check on the local markets and shops to find what is in season and ready to be served. Authenticity and flavour being paramount in his and La Villa's ethos.

Ian has featured on television with Alex Polizzi and has spent time in classical Italian kitchens, including Bocca di Lupo in London. He has worked at the highest level, including heading the kitchen in a 5 star boutique hotel for Albert Roux.

He has been widely recognised for his skills and, most recently, won a UK Chef of the Year award in 2014. This year, he was promoted to the judging panel at the British Culinary Championships in London.

Ian delivers clean flavours executed with skill and passion to give our guests a great eating experience.

Ian's Cooking Courses will help you make many types of pasta and then marry them to the best type of sauce for that particular pasta - become a Pasta Master (or Mistress) after a short time in the kitchen and enjoy tasting your masterpieces for lunch. Or how about a pizza making course, with you popping your own creation into the oven?

Tel: +39 0141 793 890 or +39 347 281 8843