Introducing our Chef

Our Chef, Ian Simpson, has always been a Chef. Throughout his career, he has been widely recognised for his skills and has won a number of awards, including ‘Tilda Chef of the Year’ for his Risotto, a classic Piemontese dish. In our winter off-season, he is a resident judge at the British Culinary championships, attracting the best young talent to work at La Villa during high season.

Local Sourcing

Ian’s knowledge and passion for food is clear to anyone who spends time in his kitchen. For him, it’s all about finding the best local suppliers and the freshest of ingredients, from asparagus in May to porcinis in September and white truffles in October.

Simplicity at its best

Ian uses his local knowledge and classical training to deliver modern vibrant Piemontese dishes, full of flavour and beautifully, yet simply decorated.